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A space surrounded by mountains, painted with the color of forests, the smell of hay, and the sounds of nature. This is where our ranch stands, where we can conjure up top-level romance.

A wedding day is actually made up of wonderful moments, and the moments in life are the only ones that count. Therefore, for your day, indulge in moments, let yourself be pampered and take time for yourself, because we will too - just for you!

You can expect from us:

• Carriage of fiancés by carriage to ranch

• Reception and aperitif on arrival

• Open-air civil wedding and church wedding in the chapel in the idyllic setting of Burger Venise Ranch

• Wedding celebration outdoors or under a tent in the style of real Hollywood stars; imagine a starry sky and tables decorated with glass containers in which candles float

We also have a gift for the newlyweds. A bed and breakfast with a surprise.


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